Christmas Card Crafts

Interested in Christmas card crafts? We here at have found the best resource for Christmas card crafts!


Do you realize how many Christmas and other greeting cards are thrown away every year? How about the number of greeting cards you personally have thrown away without recycling? Do you realize how many trees had to die to satisfy your greeting card habit? Yes, it’s like a national addiction! And it’s not just the lose of tress that will affect our environment, climate and health.

  • Those prety shiny pictures on the cards contain chemicals in the ink.
  • The factories that manufacture these cards burn fuel and release pollution into the air.
  • The cards are then transported to warehouses and stores.
  • And finally, you drive to the store to purchase them.

Of course these last transportation steps release even more pollutants into the air! Stop the madness!

It’s wonderful that you have recognized the beneficial impact you can have on our environment and climate by not just trashing your greeting cards, but we realize that some people would like a more creative option.


These simple attractive craft templates and ideas will provide you and your family hours of fun craft projects, which you can complete for fun, profit or even as gifts for others! You will receive more than 40 craft projects and 40 craft templates you and your family can use for Christmas card crafts and other greeting card crafts. Ideas for recycling Christmas cards are all over the internet and easy to find, but reliable easy to follow templates are not!


These aren’t just ideas and templates for more Christmas and greeting cards either! The projects you will be able to complete include:

  • Wonderful scrapbooking
  • Attractive packages
  • Unique personal gifts
  • Party favors
  • Inexpensive tokens of appreciation
  • Creative containers


These projects and templates were created by a professional graphic designer, so you know they are top notch! These projects work for any greeting cards, not just Christmas cards. Every project is full of detailed instructions, color pictures and tips. They can be done by people of a variety of ages and crafting skill levels. You will find that many of these projects are even suitable for children. So join the fight to improve our climate and save our planet… start with recycling with Christmas card crafts now!

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