Recycling Christmas Cards For Crafts & The Environment

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Interested in recycling Christmas cards? Welcome to – Your online Christmas card recycling resource.

Be environmentally (eco) friendly, philanthropic or just frugal by reusing your used Christmas cards for arts, crafts and gifts. I don’t know about you, but as Christmas (or any major holiday/occasion for that matter) passes and I have a refrigerator, stairways or mantle covered by greeting cards, I feel guilty as I collect them for disposal. Would the people who sent them to me be upset or offended? But what else can I do with them?

That’s the question that I hope to help you answer here! There’s no need to waste those greeting cards by throwing them in the trash. Whether your motivation is a “green”, personal or philanthropic one, here are some better options for the future of your Christmas cards.

Feeling Green?

If your interests reside in saving the environment and righting the world climate, all of the options here will help do that! By reusing your greeting cards in these other ways, you save (or at least extend) the lives of trees.

How About Some Arts and Crafts?

Your used Christmas cards can be recycled for your own at home arts and crafts projects for you and your children.recycle

  • Greeting Cards!: duplicate exactly what St. Jude’s does
  • Bookmarks: cut up the picturesque covers to create your own personalized bookmarks
  • Post Cards: instantly create holiday postcards by cutting off the back half of greeting cards with no writing behind the cover
  • Ornaments: Cover the hole on the reflective side of a CD with a small piece of an old greeting card. Cut the front of another card into a circle large enough to cover the other side. You can then use glitter and glue to write holiday greetings above and below the small picture on the reflective side.

In a Giving Mood?

St. Jude’s Ranch has best greeting card recycling program I’ve found yet. St. Jude’s Ranch is an internationally known organization, which for the past 40 years has been at the forefront of caring for and healing neglected, abused and abandoned children. Here’s how their Recycled Card Program works:

Send your used cards to:

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children
Card Recycling Program
100 St. Jude’s Street
Boulder City, NV 89005

The children actually help with creating new cards from your old cards by removing the front and attaching a new back made from recycled paper.

The “new” recycled cards are then sold to green minded philanthropic people.

There’s More to Recycling Than Just Paper!

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These are just a few ideas. There are many more available including gift boxes, collage cards, decorative plates, place mats, toys and more. The good things about all of these is that you save money, the environment and the minds of kids!

Go Green!